Big Boy 4014 is coming home (DVD & Blu-ray)

In early May 2014 the Big Boy 4014 was brought back from California to Cheyenne for restoration. Since 1962 the steam behemoth sat on display at Pomona and was selected more than 50 years later by Union Pacific to be brought back to life in time for the Golden Spike Celebration in 2019.

The soon-to-be world‘s biggest operational steam locomotive was towed by two SD70M diesels with the matching numbers 4014 and 4884 over former home rails from Ogden into Wyoming - through the Wasatch mountains, the Wyoming desert and finally over Sherman Hill.

This documentary shows the entire trip from Ogden to Cheyenne shot in more than two dozen locations including some pacing. This was a great once-in-a-lifetime train chase with some exclusive shots not to be found elsewhere!

For the first time after 55 years the haunting howl of a Big Boy steam whistle drifted over the UP transcon.

Available in PAL and NTSC.

Running time: 62 mins (64 mins NTSC)
PAL or NTSC 16:9, Stereo
Narration: English/off


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